New tastes

The line includes 3 new flavors called IMMUNO, ENERGY, DETOX.


Citrus mix Orange-Lemon-Apple - will help to maintain energy and, of course, a positive mood throughout the day!

mix of fruits


more citrus


An unusual fruit mix of Kizil-Aronia-Apple-Pomegranate-Currant juice is unique not only in its composition, but also has a special, memorable taste!

mix of fruits

more fruit

more vitamins

strengthens the immune


A unique mix of Lemon-Apple-Spinach-Grape juice is a juice for those who are trying to be in shape. Useful things can be tasty!

mix of fruits

benefits of spinach

improves digestion

Healthy and delicious


Gives lightness


Unique taste



Facts and myths


Spinach was bred in ancient Persia and for many centuries has been famous for its benefits and a large number of nutrients. However, the popularity of spinach in Western countries was noted only in the 20th century, when the famous Popeye cartoon was released. Popeye just couldn't fight his opponents without eating another can of spinach. This product gave him an unlimited supply of energy, using which he could defeat any enemy with his bare hands.


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